Do I Need A Lawyer To Handle My Divorce?

One of the most frequently asked questions by people about to enter into a divorce is whether to hire a divorce attorney or do it themselves. The answer depends on whether the divorce is contested or uncontested and whether there are significant marital assets or children.

A contested divorce is necessary when one or more issues cannot be agreed on by both parties. When this occurs, a court has to fashion a solution for them. An uncontested divorce is only possible when both husband and wife agree on all of the following issues:

  • Distribution of Marital Assets
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support Payments
  • Spousal Maintenance or Alimony

In uncontested cases involving few assets and no children, parties can represent themselves. However, even in simple divorces, it's advisable for the spouse seeking a divorce to consult with a divorce lawyer to ensure their rights are protected.

In most situations, the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer is crucial in achieving a fair outcome for both parties. Knowledge of divorce laws is critical, especially if the other side has an attorney. The assistance of a skilled negotiator by your side throughout your divorce proceeding can be invaluable. The pitfalls of negotiating the division of marital assets without the help of a qualified divorce attorney can have damaging repercussions which last a lifetime. In my Westchester County Divorce and Family Law practice, I have helped many clients uncover hidden assets. As an experienced professional, I assist clients in achieving fair settlements for their share of assets which they would otherwise forfeit.

Where children are concerned, representing yourself in a divorce case can have extremely damaging results. It's important to the wellbeing of the child that both parties protect their parental rights. Among the rights that can be unwittingly lost are custody, child support, and decision-making authority regarding the child. As an experienced divorce attorney, I am equipped to defend and protect my clients' parental rights.

Anyone thinking of handling their own divorce, even if it's a simple case, should consult with a qualified attorney before proceeding. If you have questions as to your ability to represent yourself in a divorce or child custody case, contact the Westchester County, NY Law Office of Daniel H. Stock.